Seismon is an open source software project written in Matlab© and using a MySQL database. Seismon is provided under the Gnu Generap Public License (GPL). It’s main goal is to facilitate the scientific work of small and/or unconventional seismic research projects.

Seismon is written using a modular approach and the object oriented features provided by Matlab© version R2008a. This enables a quick and easy way to include newly developed algorithms into the Seismon workflow.

Seismon takes care about the data import, the data management, the data display and enables an easy access to the data for function prototyping. Import features for a wide variety of common seismic data formats avoids the problem of data conversion, which is as common as annoying when working with seismic datasets. A database driven data management for both, continuous and event base data is available. A flexible recorder and station geometry management as well as data visualization. Basic seismic processing algorithms (e.g. frequency filtering, frequency spectrum, spectrogram or time picking) are included and various other features have been already included to Seismon using it’s support for packages, tools and plugins.

How to download

I have switched to Python and therefore I’m not further developing Seismon for Matlab. The SVN server providing the Seismon source code will be closed in the future.

Please check out pSysmon , which is the Python replacement of Seismon at

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