3.1.3. Loading a Seismon project

To work with a saved project, you have to load the project file (.spr ending) of the desired project.

  1. Select the menu item Fileload project.

    select the load project menu item

    Figure 3.6. select the load project menu item

  2. Locate the project file (.spr ending) in the file selection dialog and click open.

    select the project file to load

    Figure 3.7. select the project file to load

  3. Select the user with which you'd like to open the project.

    select the user

    Figure 3.8. select the user

  4. Login to the database.

    login to the database

    Figure 3.9. login to the database

    After the project has been created loaded, all menu items will be available in the Seismon GUI. If there already exist colletions in the project, the last used collection will be displayed.