3.1.1. Creating a Seismon project

Before creating a Seismon project, please make sure, that you already have created a Seismon database user (see The Seismon database user).

  1. Select the menu Filenew project

    select the menu new project

    Figure 3.1. select the menu new project

  2. The Create a new project dialog will appear.

    create new project dialog

    Figure 3.2. create new project dialog

  3. Fill in the project parameters

    • project name

      The name of the project.

    • base directory

      The directory, where to create the project directory structure. Inside the specified base directory, a directory with the project name will be created. This directory holds all the project relevant files and directories. I will refer to this newly created directory as PROJECT_DIR

    • connector

      The database connector used to make Matlab talk to the database server. Currently there's only the JDBC option to select.

    • db server

      The URL or ip address of the database server. If the server runs on the computer as you are working on, then localhost should be entered.

    • username

      The user with which you'd like to create the project. All the database tables linked to the new project will be created inside the user's database (see The Seismon database user).

    create new project dialog with an example user input

    Figure 3.3. create new project dialog with an example user input

  4. Confirm your choices by clicking the ok button.

  5. The database login dialog will appear.

    The dialog field will already have the correct user and server host filled in.

    If you are using a password for the user, type in the password.

    Click the ok button to confirm the values.

    database login dialog

    Figure 3.4. database login dialog

After the project has been created successfully, all menu items will be available in the Seismon GUI.

The Seismon GUI after a new project has been created.

Figure 3.5. The Seismon GUI after a new project has been created.