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Seismon no longer developed

The public development of Seismon has ended. I will still use Seismon at our Department at University but there is no time left to provide a stable version to the public. For a completely free replacement I’ve started the pSysmon … Continue reading

EGU 2011

In almost a week the European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2011 is going to start in Vienna. I’ll be there the whole week and it would be a good possibility to meet each other, have a short chat about Seismon … Continue reading

Developer’s Guide

I have updated the documentation and added the Developer’s Guide. The Developer’s Guide will help you to add your own code to Seismon. The currently available chapters in the Developer’s Guide explains how to create tracedisplay tools and gives some … Continue reading

Seismon at Prague

The last week I have been invited to Prague by the Institute of Geophysics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. I’m in a cooperation with the group running the West Bohemian network (WEBNET) who are currently working … Continue reading

Documentation updated and tutorial added

I have updated the Seismon documentation and I have added a tutorial which guides through all the basic steps to get started with Seismon. The tutorial covers the creation of the database user, the creation of a Seismon project, setting … Continue reading