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Radiation pattern – part 2

The two images show the visualization of the vector field of the P- and S-wave radiation pattern plotted on a beachball showing the compression (dark) and dilatation (white) quadrants.

Radiation patterns

I’m currently working on the implementation of a grid-search algorithm for double-couple moment tensor determination with noisy data. See the EGU-2014 abstract or the EGU-2014 poster presentation of my friends at the Vienna University of Technology for some background information … Continue reading

Seismon no longer developed

The public development of Seismon has ended. I will still use Seismon at our Department at University but there is no time left to provide a stable version to the public. For a completely free replacement I’ve started the pSysmon … Continue reading

pSysmon 0.0.1 release – the earthworm sneak preview

I have released a first version of the pSysmon software for testing. Go to the pSysmon download page to grab the first release psysmon-0.0.1. Be sure to check the pSysmon Wiki at to get more information how to make … Continue reading

Basemap supports UTM

The new matplotlib basemap release version 1.0.4 supports UTM projections. The release notes of basemap-1.0.4 say: * add k_0 keyword for projection = ‘tmerc’ so UTM zones can be created. Also can be used with ‘lcc’,’omerc’ and ‘stere’. Added “” … Continue reading

pSysmon – edit geometry

I’m falling in love with Python more and more while encountering the beauty of this language and the trillions of already existing excellent code libraries. pSysmon is now doing it’s work using the multiprocessing module to provide real parallel computing. … Continue reading

tracedisplay development – stations and channels

The development of pSysmon’s major visualization tool keeps on going. I already have added the support for channels and stations. The next steps will be to add user interactivity and a dynamic integration of processing plugins.

tracedisplay development – first visualizations

After a hard struggle with the correct resize behaviour of matplotlib canvases in wxPython panels I have finished the first step towards a pSysmon tracedisplay module. See the following screenshot for a quick stack of TdView panels. Each TdView holds … Continue reading

seismon breaking free

After a positive evaluation of Python to replace Matlab and the discovery of the great work done by the obspy guys I have decided to free Seismon and translate it to the Python programming language. Seismon is becoming pSysmon. Follow … Continue reading

EGU 2011

In almost a week the European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2011 is going to start in Vienna. I’ll be there the whole week and it would be a good possibility to meet each other, have a short chat about Seismon … Continue reading