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The Gradenbach observatory in Landslides

Recently our paper The Gradenbach Observatory—monitoring deep-seated gravitational slope deformation by geodetic, hydrological, and seismological methods was published in the Landslides journal as an open access paper. You can grab a copy and use it under the terms of the Creative … Continue reading

View the Gradenbach displacement online

Our friends at the Institute of Engineering Geodesy and Measurement Systems of the Graz University of Technology are running an info-site providing the near real-time displacement data measured at the deep-seated gravitational slope deformation Gradenbach:

Servicing the seismic stations at Gradenbach

Each autumn we are looking forward to preparing the seismic stations at the mass movement Gradenbach for the winter time. At Gradenbach we are running a seismic monitoring network with 7 stations, each equipped with a Reftek 130 unit. Usually … Continue reading