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Seismic monitoring of the A.P.Olsen outlet glacier and the outburst of the lake A.P.Olsen.

AP Olsen probabilistic power spectral density

I’ll start working on the AP Olsen dataset again. Here’s an animated GIF of weekly probabilistic power spectral density plots of station AP01 (see this post for more a station map).  The overall background noise level increases until the lake … Continue reading

A. P. Olsen time-lapse

My friends at the ZAMG compiled a good time-lapse video of the filling and draining of the glacier-dammed lake at the A. P. Olsen Glacier in Greenland. The draining of the lake is very fast and takes only several hours.

Data – data – events …. fear

We are waiting for the data from the Lake A.P.Olsen outburst. They should arrive this week. Meanwhile I checked again the data from our three weeks of fieldwork in April. The low noise environment makes our network record almost every … Continue reading

The A.P.Olsen jackpot!

Yesterday a lucky Viennese hit the jackpot by winning solo the fivefold lottery jackpot …… Gernot did more or less the same in Greenland at the A.P. Olsen glacier. From the Zackenberg ZERO research station, Gernot and Kirstine hiked a … Continue reading

Greenland glacier monitoring – part 4 – installing the stations

Thank’s to 3 weeks of blue-bird weather with almost no wind, the installation of the stations on the A.P.Olsen glacier was a pleasure. Each day that we spent on the glacier began with a 1 hour snow-scooter drive to the … Continue reading

Greenland glacier monitoring – part 3 – preparing the stations

The first 4 days after we arrived at Zackenberg we were preparing the stations to be set up on the glacier. First we had to sort out and organize the huge amount of equipment that we shipped to Zackenberg. This … Continue reading

Greenland glacier monitoring – part 2 – why did we go there?

In 2008, an Austrian team including Daniel and Gernot went to Zackenberg within the framework of the International Polar Year. They mainly did ground penetrating radar (GPR) measurements of the Freya glacier and the A.P. Olsen ice cap.  You can … Continue reading

Greenland glacier monitoring – part 1 – Travel to Zackenberg

In April, I had the opportunity to join a research travel to Zackenberg/Greenland to deploy a seismic and geodetic monitoring network at the A.P.Olsen glacier. The first part of this trip was the travel to Zackenberg. With continuously shrinking airplanes … Continue reading