Greenland glacier monitoring – part 3 – preparing the stations

The first 4 days after we arrived at Zackenberg we were preparing the stations to be set up on the glacier. First we had to sort out and organize the huge amount of equipment that we shipped to Zackenberg. This included the seismic recorders, geophones, solar panels (everything provided by SEIS-UK), windturbines, GPS receivers, batteries, poles for the stations and hundreds of screws and consumables. We spent many hours in the workshop and after some changes of our plans and some improvisation we finally came up with a station design that was looking good and was easy to setup. Thanks to all the people helping us out.

We built a stand with 4 legs and a pole. The stand was stabilized using steel cable. On the pole, the windturbine, the GPS receiver and the solar panels were mounted. All the electronic equipment and the battery were put into a Zarges Box which was attached to the bottom of the pole. The box was mounted freely suspended to a tipping over of the box when the snow-melting starts. Setting up the stand took us about 15 minutes and attaching all the equipment took another 2 hours.

After the days in the workshop we finally were set to pack our stuff onto the snow scooters and start with the deployment on the glacier……more on this in the next article.

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