pSysmon – edit geometry

I’m falling in love with Python more and more while encountering the beauty of this language and the trillions of already existing excellent code libraries. pSysmon is now doing it’s work using the multiprocessing module to provide real parallel computing. Moreover I’m using sqlAlchemy as the pSysmon database back-end. It enables the usage of various database engines and a much more efficient and readable code for database transactions. With these changes the basic framework for pSysmon is almost at the point where I want it to be.

As a teaser two screenshots of the geometry dialog follow. The geometry of the seismic networks is read from the database and XML files. The content of the inventory read from an XML file can be saved to the database. The assignment of stations and sensors is done by drag’n'drop. The geometry can be checked visually in a map and the sensor’s transfer functions will also be plotted.

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